Are US assurances to Russia about no NATO expansion documented? All I see is this rather vague passage:

"Mending fences would include Gore’s description to Yeltsin of the parallel NATO and U.S.-Russia tracks as spaceships docking simultaneously and very carefully,[5] and Gore and then Clinton assuring the Russians (but not in writing, as Kozyrev kept asking for) that no NATO action on new members would happen before the 1995 Duma elections or the 1996 presidential elections in Russia."

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Feb 15, 2022Liked by Colin Sims

You're old enough to remember 2003 and fool me once comment make me sad. Because Im old enough to remember the 2003 Iraq invasion the first time it happened, in 1991. They dont need to fool you twice, our lives arent that long.

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Apr 15, 2022·edited Apr 15, 2022

This was a great critique but you’re wasting your breath. The fact that you can connect these media tactics back to 2003 shows this goes on and on and on regardless of how much criticism there is. These fake journalists are not deterred. The worst part is how social media criticism is censored for disinformation while this type of legacy media bullshit is left untouched and these people give Pulitzer Prizes to each other for straight up lies.

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